Performance Teams

Streetfunk, Clogging, Jazz, Modern & Contemporary 

*Guidelines for Performance Team placement are subject to change based on the number of dancers we have at each age level. Any exceptions to this will be made at teacher discretion.*

Clogging Teams


Nicole Saucier , 

Lisa Little &

Alyssa Daigneault

Pee Wee Clogging Team 

Jr. Clogging Team 

Teen Clogging Team

Sr. Clogging Team

Alumni Clogging Team 

Adult Clogging Team 

Modern Team


Stephanie Roy

 Jr. Modern Team

Sr. Modern Team

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Streetfunk Teams


Maeghan McLaughlin & Michelle Cloutier

Pee Wee Streetfunk Team 

Jr. Streetfunk Team 

Teen Streetfunk Team 

Sr. Streetfunk Team 

Jazz Teams


Nicole Saucier,,  


Lisa Little

Pee Wee Jazz Team

Jr. Jazz Team

Teen Jazz Team

Sr. Jazz Team 

Contemporary Team


Rachael Stetson

​Contemporary Team